Drivol Diesel Engine & Motor Oil

Engine motor oil is one of the most important sources to improve your vehicle’s durability and efficiency. Only high-quality diesel oil products are offered by Drivol to deliver an improved index of productivity and running capacity of your vehicle. Our range of specialized diesel motor oil is a trusted and proven means of reliable engine performance. We use only fully synthetic engine motor oil for commercial vehicles and diesel car oil solution.

While all our products (including diesel engine oil) deliver a superior lubricant performance, it is still significant to note the benefits of Drivol- diesel car engine oil and other diesel engine motor oils.

Commercial Vehicle Diesel Oil

The Drivol product range (of diesel oil) for an engine in truck, buses, and industrial applications has been tried and tested by leading manufacturers or service providers, including renowned names like the Volvo, Tata Motors, and Eicher. We believe that high quality diesel motor oil is essential for the maintained and uninterrupted flow of business operations, in other words – a continued engine motor running [dependent on diesel oils] helps a business venture to follow the growth path in high confidence.

The Drivol DEO- DIESEL ENGINE OIL such as DRIVOL PSO is a premium quality solution to offer superior engine protection for multigrade agricultural pump sets. It stops the harmful chemical deposits from penetrating its surface. Another product, DRIVOL UNITRAX, is a viable solution to maintain diesel engine motor of tractors.

In addition to this, our wide range of Diesel oil products is suited for advanced engineering components like the turbo or non-turbo compressors and sophisticated injection systems of Volvo, for example. The unique chemistry of our diesel engine oil products promises protection from rusting or corrosion of metal parts, thus, strengthening the overall performance. We also provide very high protection against wear and tear, due to heavy loading, high speed or high temperature of a vehicle in use, and prevent any sort of breakdown or rupturing on the road. Drivol diesel oil works at par under different service conditions and guarantees an extended engine and turbocharger lifespan.

This is why, we have designed a supreme range of engine motor oils to offer you a ready solution and benefit in the following way:

  • Provide support to maintain engine cleanliness by removing harmful soot particles on diesel engine motor metal surface
  • Deliver an exhaust treatment mechanism for advanced treatments
  • Maximize your equipment performance and ensure better productivity
  • Preventing vehicle breakdown
  • Longer drain hours
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Maximise your return on investment

Diesel car oil or passenger diesel oils

All diesel engine motors are perfectly equipped with Drivol diesel motor oil which possesses exceptional resistance to oxidation and maintains the diesel oil flow under low temperature conditions too. In winters, you will never be stuck with cold start ignition, as our fluent diesel oils remove sludge build up and temperature deposits too, so that you never experience a wrong with the diesel engine motor.

In addition to reducing friction for better fuel consumption, the Drivol diesel oil solution also positively impacts the wear and tear or friction of bearings, rings and engine valves for example. The fluidity of your diesel car engine oil is effectively retained as it flows smoothly under cold weather conditions and circulates right when you start the ignition.

Some benefits of our DEO- DIESEL ENGINE OIL includes:

  • Clean engine
  • Protection from wear and component breakdown
  • High circulation for better flow of diesel oil in low temperatures
  • Resistance to high temperatures