Drivol's Automatic Transmission Fluid & Synthetic Trans Fluid in car

Smooth gear shifting requires maintenance and protection from the normal wear and tear or rust. If you thought that extra smooth gear running is a given, then you need to focus attention on transmission fluids aka the gear oils. Protection of auto gears is important to give more life to each of its components and also, to prevent a breakdown on the road. Reliable transmission fluids products ensures a smooth and extended life of the automobile in use.

Gear oils are one of the most important engine fluids, for it reduces and protect the gear box from any kind of friction or interruption, exerting a normal force on the running engine. Drivol solutions maximise horsepower so that you have a smooth flow on the road under heavy duty conditions as well. No matter, how much you use your vehicle, lubrication with Drivol fluids ensures you do not have to worry about routine hassles like the gear box getting hot, or difficult and stuck to operate. A quality product like the DRIVOL MAXPRO 90EP, for example, gives an extra edge of smoothness while you shift gears, as it reduces sludge accumulation and hence, provides a cleaner surface for laying your hands on. Many times, gear oils are too slippery for manual transmission and this is why we give you a solution which offers better gear control and more power to you.

We also provide solutions for advanced automobile engineering such as the automatic transmission fluids which maintain a high viscosity index. In other words, the temperature of engine fluids is maintained so then the probability of overflow or oil spill over is minimal. In addition to this, a Drivol product has certified chemical properties to cause no wear and tear of the auto component and thus, promising longevity and extended transmission life.

Drivol products can be used effectively as both manual and automatic transmission fluids to keep your vehicle free from the pure synthetic trans fluid. We engineered an ultimate automotive gear oil to provide cover to loaded gears and deliver high performance of trucks, buses and cars plying under stressing conditions. Our synthetic trans fluid has been blended with premium oils to boost protection and deliver uninterrupted performance on the roads.

Among its various benefits, the vehicle driver has an advantage of high durability on bad roads, reduced noise as there is no friction during operating of gears; protection against all the tiring conditions due to its extensive use and no rusting or any premature gear system failure.

Another sound example of DRIVOL product engineering is the MAXPRO 140EP which exceeds the requirements of API-GL4. Customers use it a high-performance manual transmission fluid and for unique configuration such as the hypoid axles. Even during the extra pressure situations like heavy loading, this gear oil product has never failed to impress its various users.

Our range of gear lubricant variants are multiform, each purposed to deliver superior on-road performance. We even have a solution for the commercial fleet mechanical transmission, which is necessarily subject to rigorous condition and hence, demands a high level of maintenance for axles and gearboxes using automatic and manual transmission fluids both. A Drivol product provides chemical and thermal stability and works under high-level oil temperature of up to 150°C. It also works as efficiently under pressure of high speed induced shocks to the vehicle. In turn, you benefit from a reduction in fuel wastage thus achieving better fuel efficiency for your vehicle.