Drivol's Oil & Engine Lubricants

One of the top choices for engine lubricants is grease – a trusted auto lubricant for your car, light and heavy commercial vehicles, trucks – to keep them in good condition after they are wheeled it out onto the big, uneven and the rough roads of India.

Drivol transparent gel greases are a perfect match of oils and greases, which can be applied as either a hard or thin coating lubricant, to stay longer than usual. A Drivol grease layer is a sustainable auto lubricants solution, with a promise to deliver an increase in bearing life, strong mechanical stability and tenacity and a coating of engine lubricant, to withstand extreme pressure (EP) of the temperature outside, as also the pressure of heavy load carrying characteristics.

Our varied range of non-synthetic trans fluid greases boasts of top quality engine lubricants. The Drivol lubricants products promise greater resistance and reliable performance through solid application of specialised and heavy load greases. With Drivol, you are assured of peace of mind as we guarantee maximum protection against adverse conditions and corrosion on the road, using top-of-the-class auto lubricants, which includes engine lubricants also.

The fact that Drivol products are long-lasting and have excellent retention properties, make it a top choice for leading automobile companies across India, who need the best in class product for automatic transmission engine lubricants or oils and greases for manual transmission engine lubrication. The Drivol grease solution is a non-synthetic trans fluid to optimise your vehicle’s running capability and thus, reduce the maintenance cost of your esteemed possession. We encourage use of our lubricants, especially grease that lasts longer to protect the auto components from corrosion or normal wear and tear on roads.

Building on the basic concepts of smooth transmission using greases, Drivol offers a multipurpose lubricants solution, to deliver smooth performance of your car, commercial vehicles, and farm equipment. Subject to different environments, the condition of a transport utility mode requires high endurance especially during heavy encounters on the road.

Under cold weather conditions, engine lubricants can harden or thicken. Drivol solutions help you by providing higher drain interval. It also lubricates the universal joints, electric motor bearings to form a protective layer to reduce friction on the roads. The oil and greases in the car ensure rubbing and lubrication of bearings, joints and hinges, in a non-sticky way to prevent an early wear and tear of its components.

Different type of greases can be applied for use under different circumstances. The off-road vehicle types are subject to crushing load, extreme weather and exposure to dust under dirty road conditions. In addition, the exposure to tough road conditions demands your personal car to be equally tough to deliver a stellar performance each time. Special greases [the best option for lubricants in a car] reduce the risk of damage to automobile components. Vehicle dependency is even more complex and demanding with technically advanced vehicles and there is an option of auto lubricants to treat these vehicles in time. Optimum greasing using the best engine lubricants allows you to be tension-free on the roads from any risk of an untoward incident.