Brake Fluids

The importance of a smooth break function system doesn’t have to be conveyed to any auto enthusiast.

An interesting point here is – how effective brake systems depend on an effective brake fluid. Like brake is for you, brake fluids are akin to the brakes. To elaborate, the way you cannot depend on your personal transport without a perfect brake system, in the same way a brake system cannot do with a sub-standard brake fluids product. The brake fluids are crucial for smooth operation and as a result, to maintain strong safety standards of the brake system in a vehicle.

Apart from safety, it (the brakes) is an important part of your whole driving experience. If you have a high-speed engine like a sports car, or if you have a fleet of commercial vehicles plying in speed on state highways, you necessarily need a smooth and efficient brake system.

Brake fluid is a critical component in a braking system and works in a way, that when you press the braking pedal, the braking fluid increases the pressure of (foot on the braking pedal), which exerts pressure to the brake pads in turn. It is also an important lubricant for the braking system to prevent corrosion and reduce friction from the normal wear and tear during complete vehicle life. Brake fluid is also a trusted source and useful for application in maintaining the clutch systems.

There are various types of brake fluids depending on the vehicle type and its expected running time. Changing the brake fluids is as critical to its safety and maintenance as its installation in the first place. Drivol solutions include a wide range of brake fluids products, which are capable of delivering 100% safety and performance on tough road conditions and other demanding conditions, like the hilly terrains or for non-stop night performance for trucks on the highways.

DRIVOL STOP is an ideal solution for ABS systems, with a capacity to deal in delivering better performance under wet road conditions, by providing improved resistance to vapour lock. This means you are safe on your bike when it is raining heavily, with Drivol Stop avoiding the risk of a bike skid and keeping you protected from any unprecedented or untoward situation due to harsh weather conditions.

Drivol products also meet the certified standards of brake fluid variants-the current DOT standards. Our brake fluids variants adhere to the DOT 3 and DOT 4 compliance to exactly meet your vehicle manufacturing type and requirements. DOT4 is produced to handle higher temperature points mostly used in new-generation vehicles. Among its other benefits, Drivol solutions work under extreme condition, provide preventive care against corrosion and more lubrication to the system.

No matter how often you use your car – from cruising around in it everyday or taking it out for a spin once a week, Drivol STOP ensures the parts of your braking system are performing optimally. The DOT 4 products deliver on extra braking performance and specializes in withstanding extreme temperatures, high boiling points and low freezing points. Drivol thus protects your vehicle from any damage to the rubber components in the brake system.